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Scalabrino Naika Castellanza(VA) – Multimedica | Crespi Laura Castellanza(VA) – Multimedica | Lazzarini Elisa Castellanza(VA) – Multimedica

Aim: to determine whether a rehabilitation program for heart failure patients in interval training, established by Talk Test, is more effective than the protocol in endurance training set by 6MWT.

Materials and methods: For this retrospective study, 32 subjects with reduced left ventricular ejection fraction (LVF) <40%, enrolled at the outpatient decompensation clinic of Multimedica Castellanza, age 40-75 years, without neurological, oncological and orthopedic comorbidities were evaluated. Half of the patients worked in endurance training on the basis of the 6MWT. Observed patients who performed endurance training were placed in the control group (GC) while half of the patients who worked in interval training were placed in the study group (GS). All patients were evaluated before the start of ambulatory training (T0) and were assessed by: 6MWT, SPPB, Gait Speed and Sit to Stand. GS subjects underwent Talk Test and worked in interval training. After 3 weeks (T1), at the end of the physical training program, all patients were reassessed with the same tests performed at T0. After 3 months after the end of the outpatient rehabilitation cycle (T2), all patients were evaluated by cycle ergometer stress test. Results: A nonparametric statistical analysis was used; the two groups were homogeneous with each other at T0. The data obtained showed a statistically significant improvement in functional ability for both groups. The GS obtained better functional results than the GC, especially in 6MWT, Gait Speed and Sit to Stand. At T2, by exercise test, the GS subjects obtained better results than the GC, moreover, there was a statistically significant difference in maximum load in watts at stress test (0.04). All patients on echocardiography performed at follow-up (T2) showed a significant increase in ejection fraction. Recovery of left ventricular contractile function in the GS appears to be more significant. Conclusions: both workouts can be considered valuable in the treatment of patients with heart failure but interval training was found to be the better choice and the one that could maintain the results obtained longer over time. The Talk Test proved to be a valuable tool to set higher loads in the absence of cardiopulmonary testing.