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Treatment of obesity with SGLT-2: our results

fazio giovanni fazio palermo(PALERMO) – cdc triolo zancla

SGLT-2 inhibitors were indicated to be able to reduce the weight of diabetic patients for around 4 kilograms. We investigated the possibility to reduce the weight of non-diabetic patients using SGLT-2


A continuous series of 402 patients were enrolled in a prospective analysis. All patients started a therapy with SGLT-2 inhibitor for a cardiological (80%) or nephrological disease (20%). The 54% used dapagliflozin while the 46% used empagliflozin. In all patients affected by chronic heart failure the SGLT-2 – Inhibitor was added to optimal medical therapy without new symptoms in ambulatory. In nephrological patients the drug was added after a complete stabilization of disease. The recruitment period was long 6 months. After the recruitment the patient was follow for other 6 month. At the end of the follow-up, we evaluated the weight lost. The result was evaluated by an electrical balance, that was the same for all evaluations. The data was collected in excel and analysed by the Q-R-Calc program.


The mean age of patients was 63 age, 54% female. None was diabetic patients. Hypertension was present in 73%, hypercholesterolemia in 43%. 11% was smokers. 94% were Caucasian patients. The mean of Weight was 75 kg at the first control. The mean height 174 cm. All patients performed a cardiological o nephrological control in which the medical doctor prescribed SGLT-2 inhibitor on top the optical medical therapy. All patients that presented during this control some causes of instability were excluded from the analysis. 90% of patients assumed RAAS inhibitors (ARNI 23%), 81% betablockers, 54% diuretics, 68% MRA. About the subtype of heart failure 60% was HFpEF and 40% HFrEF. The mean GFR of nephrological patients was 31 l/min. After 6 month the mean weight loss was 5,2 kgs with a standard deviation of 3,1 kgs. The reduction of weight was 6.6% of the initial weight. No statistical differences were evaluated comparing empagliflozin and dapagliflozin.


The SGLT-2 inhibitor in non-diabetic patients was.

able to determinate a weight lost of 6.6% (mean 5,2)