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Insomnia due to hypertriglyceridemia can be treated by rosuvastatin/ezetimibe

fazio giovanni fazio (PALERMO) – cdc triolo zancla

Background: Metabolic syndrome associated with elevated fasting triglyceridemia (TG) is often associated with insomnia. The new guidelines of ESC for dyslipidemia advice the statin and/or ezetimibe treatment like fist line therapy in patients with hypertriglyceridemia, also before then fibrates or omega 3

We examined the impact of rosuvastatin/ezetimibe treatment in reduction of insomnia in patents with hypertriglyceridemia

Methods: In this study was enrolled a group of 148 patients with hypertriglyceridemia and insomnia. Patients were screened for severe insomnia, defined by a score of four or more on the three Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HDRS) sleep items, and for HTG characterized by TG≥200mg/dL. The duration of sleep was evaluated with smartwatch every 7 days

Mean age was 61,12 years. All patient was admitted in ambulatory of cardiology and were in wash out treatment for dyslipidaemic syndrome. In all we added 20 mg of rosuvastatin plus 10 mg of ezetimibe daily to therapy and reassessed patients after 30 days.

Results: Rosuvastatin/ezetimibe treatment was effective as add-on therapy in reduction of insomnia . All treated patients reported an improvement in symptoms. After 30 days, insomnia disappeared in 69% of patients and was reduced in 21% of patients.

The number of the sleeping hours improved from 5:35 min to 7:25 minutes.

Therapy was well tolerated in 99% of patents, and stopped only in 2 cases.

Conclusions: Our initial experience with rosuvastatin/ezetimibe in hypertriglyceridemia treatment suggests that this therapy may play a role in the treatment of insomnia